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I would hold up the Chiefs and the Falcons as the two best teams in the NFL right now. Both teams boast a dynamic offense that thrives on big plays.Wholesale Jerseys.Defensively, each outfit has a knack for timely turnovers and beating up opposing passers. It’s a simple, effective formula.They also happen to be the only two undefeated teams left in the NFL after three weeks, so by virtue of their record, they’re also the two best teams. Our panel of expert NFL writers don’t see that changing this week either. Both teams are unanimous picks to win in Week 4.Atlanta beat a stout Lions team in Detroit last week, a team that’s probably not getting enough credit for how good they are right now.Cheap Authentic Jerseys.They have a tough matchup in Minnesota. And we still aren’t sure if the Vikings will start Sam Bradford (day to day) or Case Keenum.

The Giants looked like a team that had battled to save its season, only to miss out to a 61-yard field goal. Matthew Stafford looked to have launched yet another dramatic fourth-quarter comeback and pushed his Lions to 3-0, only to be stopped inches short of the end zone.Authentic NFL Jerseys.The Patriots saved a week of think pieces with a magical drive to beat the Texans, who might actually have beaten themselves.Everyone has a different definition of exciting, but one useful measure is what ESPN’s Brian Burke refers to as the Excitement Index, which is simply the sum of all the changes in a win expectancy chart throughout the game. This is the exact sort of model that rewards the crazy late-game changes that moved the needle by as much as 78 percent in Week 3. The average 1 p.m. ET game since 2005, when RedZone made its way into our hearts, had a typical Excitement Index of 3.7 points.Cheap NFL Jerseys China.The most exciting contest was the 37-34 overtime game played between the Bears and Lions in 2015, which featured several lead changes in the fourth quarter and an eventual game-winning field goal in overtime.

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I can almost guarantee you that Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton will join the ongoing NFL protests in some way on Sunday before or during his team’s game against New England.Cheap China Jerseys.Newton gave the oddest game-week press conference he has given in his seven years as a Panther on Wednesday. It went for 18 minutes. It contained 15 questions. All 15 were about the NFL protests – there was not a single query about the actual upcoming game against the defending Super Bowl champions – and Newton’s answers to all 15 were nuanced and thoughtful.Throwback Jerseys.After being part of what he called an “extremely productive” meeting between veteran players and team owner Jerry Richardson at Richardson’s home on Tuesday, Newton also sounded regretful that he had not joined the NFL-wide protests that hundreds of players did join last Sunday.

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