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As the NFL continues to weigh the preseason’s importance, numerous developments occurred during this period with profound effects on the entire league.Injuries, trades and shifting depth charts reshape the landscape during a stretch that isn’t supposed to mean anything.Cheap China Jerseys.But it most certainly does.Those who don’t perform well say the preseason doesn’t matter. Those who do believe they’re building something positive.The preseason boils down to initial impressions of each team.Franchises such as the Chicago Bears and Cleveland Browns can be excited about the early returns from their young quarterbacks. Others such as the Baltimore Ravens and Los Angeles Chargers can’t have the preseason end soon enough due to the numerous injuries they’ve endured.Custom Jerseys.Every team prepares for the regular season while experiencing positives and negatives from the preseason. However, one story usually overrides everything else.

Sixteen months after being selected in the second round of the NFL Draft, Roberto Aguayo is officially out of a job, and things aren’t looking promising.Cheap Football Jerseys.According to multiple reports, Aguayo was cut by the Bears on Saturday, marking the second time in 21 days that he’s been cut by an NFL team.The beleaguered kicker originally went into training camp this year with the Buccaneers but was cut after struggling through just one preseason game. During Tampa’s Week 1 preseason loss to the Bengals back on Aug. 11, Aguayo missed two kicks — an extra point and a 47-yard field goal — which led to his dismissal the next day. Aguayo didn’t make it to free agency though because he ended up getting claimed by the Bears on waivers.Wholesale Jerseys.The change of settings didn’t do much to help Aguayo though, as he missed his first attempt in a Bears uniform on a 49-yard try that didn’t come anywhere close to making it.

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For journeyman players and NFL rookies, the final week of preseason is the last live-action audition.Wholesale NFL Jerseys.For veteran starters, it’s the last chance to get hurt in a meaningless game. Because of this, NFL teams generally won’t play their established starters this week, and they will almost certainly not risk injury for their franchise quarterbacks. But in recent seasons, NFL teams have taken this preseason risk management one step further: Quarterbacks hardly play any preseason games anymore, let alone the last one.The preseason pass attempts of the game’s top quarterbacks are down precipitously.Authentic NFL Jerseys.Only one starting quarterback is currently listed among the top 10 in preseason pass attempts: Jameis Winston of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (69 attempts) — perhaps not by coincidence, he’s also the only one with an HBO camera crew documenting his summer.

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